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Boots for hiking, walking, hunting and more Leather haversacks, bags and more Hats for hunting, hiking and walking Belts Sheepskin slippers to keep you warm and cozy Leather shoes - look smart while adventuring Mohair socks to keep you dry and comfortable Sandals for walking, hunting, hiking and more


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The Courteney Bushveld Modeled along the lines of the Safari boot, the Bushveld is the ideal footwear for traveling as you embark on your adventure. Product Details
The Courteney Highveld The Highveld - a smart town and country shoe for those occasional visits to the city to prepare for the next adventure. Product Details
The Courteney Vellie Styled on the classic second world war desert boot, the Rhodesian vellie, with Courteney's distinctive styling to enhance this timeless shoe of the African bush. Product Details
Rogue RV1 Suede Vellie A pure Rogue development of running shoe comfort, Veldskoen style. Casual or light outdoors strolling, with or without socks! Product Details
Rogue RH1 Half Boot Indestructible workhorse, an everyday half-boot for general outdoors wear when instant comfort and longevity are essential. It has a mud friendly TPR sole. Farmers are allowed back into the house with this one. Product Details

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