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The Courteney Tracker Styled on the Voortrekker, the additional padded collar supports the ankle, and helps keep out the sand, stones and insects. Tough enough for the bush, and smart enough for the city. Product Details
The Courteney Patrol As its name reflects the Patrol is paramilitary in style, laced to the top with soft Impala hide collar and full bellows tongue. Designed with the rancher and hunter in mind, the Patrol gives extra support for a hard day's work. Product Details
Jim Green B6 Razorback This is a double leather boot, with a full outer leather and full inner leather lining - Built for double strength. It has a rubber sole with a metal shank for stability. This is one of the toughest boots made! Product Details
Rogue RB5 Boot A boot built to walk across Africa, from Cape to Cairo. Product Details
Jim Green F3 Boot We can't claim to be the original, but an enduring style anyway. Elastic sided boot, on a broad last and squarer toe. The finest looker when looking down at your feet. A very snug fit. Dress wear in the bush. Product Details
The Courteney Magnum The Magnum - Courteney's all purpose motorcycle boot. Comfortable for riding and walking. Designed for adventure in the bush or down town. A mid-calf lace-up boot made from Buffalo with soft Impala collar. Product Details
The Courteney Safari The Safari - an ankle boot with low soft Impala hide collar and tongue. Designed for stealth, this light weight, robust boot will get you close to the game. Product Details

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